Western Tuzkol

The Western Tuzkol field is located in the Aryskum depression, which is a part of the South Turgai oil and gas bearing area, included in the Aral-Turgai petroleum province.

As a result of studying, interpreting, processing and generalization of geological and geophysical materials, the oil and gas content in the Western Tuzkol field is established in the deposits of the Upper Albian-Cenomanian, and Aptian-Albian Stages, the Upper Neocomian Stage of the Lower Cretaceous and the pre-Mesozoic Basement. A total of 73 deposits were discovered at the Western Tuzkol Field, 68 of them oil and 5 gas.

The Western Tuzkol field was discovered in October 2010 by oil free-flowing in the Western Tuzkol 1 Well.

The Western Tuzkol Field is the largest on the territory of the licensed block with recoverable reserves in category C1, approved by the State Reserves Committee as of 01.01.2016, over 10 million tons (Maybe it is better not to indicate this, since we are not quoting these figures for other deposits?)

At the moment the field is in the process of test operation.