Administratively, the Tuzkol Field is located in Syrdarya district of Kyzylorda region of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The structure occupies a geographical position, lying the southern part of the Turgai Basin.

In fact, geological exploration surveys were started in 2006 on the Tuzkol structure. The exploratory well Tuzkol No. 1was drilled, which is the first to discover oil and gas at the field. During testing the Middle Jurassic sediments, oil free-flowing was discovered.
At the Tuzkol Field, testing of productive horizons was carried out in the sediments of the Aibolin and Sazymbay Suites of the Lower Jurassic, the Doshchan Suite of the Middle-Lower Jurassic, the Karagansay Suite of the Middle Jurassic and partly the Kumkol and Akshabulak Suites of the Upper Jurassic.

At the moment the field is in the process of pilot production.