"The site occupies a geographic position, lying in the southern part of the Turgai Depression.

Some of the closest settlements to the site are Kyzylorda (110 km to the south), Terenozek railway station (100 km to the south-west) and Kumkol oil field (80 km to the north).

Geological prospecting works on the territory were started in 2003.
Three-dimensional seismic surveys were conducted on the whole territory of the site (over 1800 km2), based on the results of interpretation results of which prospective structures were identified.

By virtue of geological survey and prospecting works the exploration wells were drilled, and five fields: Tuzkol, Western Tuzkol, North Ketekazgan, Belkuduk, and Zhanbirsi were discovered on the license block.

By today commercially productive oil and gas in the South Turgai petroleum region have been discovered in all formations of the Mesozoic group from the lower Jurassic to the upper section of the Cretaceous system.

They relate to the entire site, not only to the Western Tuzkol Field. And it can be placed on a page listing geological exploration projects. And by clicking on a specific project, it is possible to get some additional information: