There is a significant growth in the main sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan

As a result of 10 months of this year, there has been a noticeable growth in the main sectors of Kazakhstan's economy.

The positive dynamics have developed in industry, transport, agriculture, trade, communications and construction. The volume of industrial production increased by 7.5%, while the growth in the mining industry amounted to more than 10% due to increased production of oil, coal, natural gas, iron ore and non-ferrous metals.

The growth of more than 5% in the manufacturing industry was due to the production of pharmaceuticals, textiles, as well as refined products, paper, food and beverages. The good performance indicators have been observed in furniture production, machine building and metallurgical industry.

In general, the growth in production is observed in all regions of the country. Atyrau Region is in a lead with the indicator of 22%. In West Kazakhstan Region and Astana volumes have increased by more than 7%.