Industry is growing, but although the growth is uneven


It should be reminded to readers of the "DK" that the physical volume of industrial production was reduced by 2.6% in September in comparison with August. However, in annual terms, that is, to the first month of last year's autumn, there was a very decent growth by 6.9%, and in the average annual terms (January-September to the same period last year) - by 8.3%.

In October the industrial output increased more than 3.2% in comparison with September. Nevertheless, on an annual basis, the growth rate dropped sharply amounted for only 0.6%. And the average annual dynamics slowed up to 7.5%. The key source of such a remarkable statistical scenario was the mining industry, in which the annual growth fell from 11.6% in September to 0.1%! Here the negative tone was set by the extraction of coal and lignite, which declined by 19.7% during the year, while in other key positions there was an increase in annual terms: oil - by 1.7%, natural gas - 2.4%, iron ore - 3,3%, non-ferrous metal ores - 0.4%.

When comparing the data for October with September, statisticians recorded an increase in production in the mining sector by 0.5%. Under this method of counting a leading role is played by natural gas with 15.9%, followed by coal and lignite (4.6%), iron ore oil (0.7%), while non-ferrous metals showed decline by 1.4%. Nevertheless, in the average annual terms, the dynamics of output in this industry is still radiating optimism in increase of 10.2%.

In the manufacturing sector, the second month of autumn ended with an increase in production by 2.8% in comparison with September. A positive tone was set by food products (2.6%), tobacco (4.2%) and textile products (29.4%), leather products (36.2%), paper and paper products (6.0%). , refined products (7.1%), chemical industry (2.6%), basic noble and non-ferrous metals (3.6%), finished metal products (14.8%), computers, electronic and optical products (4, 0%), electrical equipment (88.5%), motor vehicles (6.0%) and furniture (6.3%). But it was not without a more negative reduction in the output of beverages (7.7%), clothing (10.2%), wood and cork products (20.3%), basic pharmaceutical products (18.2%), rubber and plastic products (6.8%), ferrous metals (5.6%). In annual terms, the dynamics of the manufacturing industry was modest due to its increase in the volume of production by 1.1%, while in the average annual calculation it looks quite positive (5.2%).

The electricity, gas, steam and air-conditioning industries were very powerful in October as the output in these sectors increased by 24.0% in comparison with September! In annual terms, the growth in these industries was 2.2%; in the average annual growth was 4.8%. The absolute outsider was the water supply, sewerage and waste management industries, the volume of production of which for the second month of autumn fell by 6.9% compared to September, at an annual rate of 0.9%, the average annual rate of 0.3%.

In October Almaty Region became the absolute leader due to the positive industrial dynamics among regions of Kazakhstan, where the output jumped by 24.8% as compared with September! Akmola (23.8%), Pavlodar (10.7%), North Kazakhstan (4.2%) and Kyzylorda (1.4%) Regions, which showed a decline in the volume of industrial production, were among outsiders. In terms of the annual dynamics, Zhambyl Region ranked top with an increase of 6.3%, while the biggest decline was observed in West Kazakhstan Region - 12.4%. When calculating in the average annual terms, Atyrau Region continues to lead, where the output increased by 22.1%, and statisticians recorded the reduction in production only in two regions - Kyzylorda (3.6%) and Mangistau (0.3%).