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Company strategy

According to the development Strategy of the Limited Liability Partnership «SSM-Oil» the partnership mission is to increase mineral resources exploration and production for providing the development of domestic oil-and-gas extraction industry including providing the company sustainable development.

Based on sustainable development principles Limited Liability Partnership «SSM-Oil» aims to improve the efficiency of intelligence work conducting with further decommissioning to the level of commercial production, increasing the return on investments and manufacturing and high quality services.


A highly effective domestic oil-and-gas producer company that meets the highest standards of safety and corporate management.


  1. Providing the development of domestic oil-and-gas extraction industry by providing maximum return during commercial well operation on mutual agreed conditions for the Republic of Kazakhstan, members and partners of the partnership.
  2. increasing the partnership value and providing the return on investments;
  3. focusing of activity on the Kazakhstan oil-and-gas market considering potential opportunities for business expansion in the near-abroad countries;
  4. providing a high level of financial sustainability; sustainable development providing.


Entering into the top 10 largest oil-and-gas companies in the Republic of Kazakhstan in terms of commercial oil and condensate extraction volume.

Business values:

  1. The efficiency. The company aims on continual improvement of financial and production figures, the development of own management practices and technology solutions.
  2. Responsibility. The company is responsible for all obligations taken to the state, members, partners, team and society.
  3. Professionalism. The company aims to improve own employees professionalism, providing the necessary working conditions, offering opportunities for personal and career development.
  4. Security. The company aims to provide the labor and the environment safety, the life and health maintenance of own employees in accordance with world standards.

To provide sustainable growth taking into account external and internal factors, Limited Liability Partnership «SSM-Oil» focuses on the following three key priorities:

  1. Strengthening the company's financial standing in the short-term and medium-term prospect by capital constraints and increasing operating efficiency.
  2. Formation of the target business model of the Limited Liability Partnership "SSM-Oil" with the maximum effective fulfillment of license and contract terms.
  3. Strengthening the role of the Limited Liability Partnership "SSM-Oil" as one of the key player in the oil and gas extraction industry in the region.